The most flexible B2B payments platform

Offer your business buyers the ability to Pay by Invoice on flexible Net Payment. Terms

Service new geographies with cross border payment terms

Business buyers expect the flexibility to pay 7, 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 days after purchase. We assign a credit limit in real-time for your international buyers and manage all collections. You set it up once for all territories, eliminating all manual work and risk.

Pay by Invoice, also known as invoice purchasing, is a widely used payment method across all of Europe. It allows buyers to obtain goods or services immediately and pay at a later date, as determined by the invoice purchase provider.

B2B Buyer – Advantages of Pay by Invoice

  • Cashflow: Businesses can receive goods when they need it, even if they are currently short of money. The invoice can be paid within the specified period without affecting their cash flow.

  • Data security: There is no need to provide banking information, linked to personal data, directly to the merchant.

  • No risk of paying for bad quality: Payment is only made once the goods are received and meet the buyer’s expectations. If there is a problem, the goods can be sent back without payment.

Advantages for B2B merchants

  • Higher revenue: Invoice payments can increase shopping basket size (average order value) by more than 50%, increasing buyer purchasing power.

  • Higher conversion rate: Pay by Invoice increases conversions and incentives quicker purchasing and more frequent ordering.

  • Higher customer satisfaction: B2B buyers want the convenient and seamless shopping experience of a B2C checkout. A smooth Pay by Invoice method will increase satisfaction and loyalty across your customers.

Grow your business,
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Moving global B2B trade online.

While at PayPal, we witnessed the struggles of B2B merchants unable to complete the transition to the online space, being stuck with offline transaction processing. A fraction of their trade is via credit cards, so retrofitted consumer solutions weren’t going to cut it.

What was missing was a solution designed specifically for B2B eCommerce business and marketplaces, owning the entire B2B checkout experience, end to end – unifying different payment methods and terms, providing a self serve experience, while getting full control.

Balance lets B2B merchants provide businesses with a way to pay how and when they want, while getting the funds instantly and easily as card payments.