We believe that The Trusted Commercial can change the world. The global market is recognized as a powerful instrument to stimulate economic progress, reduce poverty, and contributes to eradicating extreme hunger and poverty by halving the proportion of people suffering from hunger and living.

We do not limit ourselves to the Global Marketplace but we have for mission and vision to change the world.

We are committed to a positive, life-giving environmental impact that restores degraded natural environments and enables increased diversity and abundance of ecosystems.

Our long-running Give Up Clothes For Good campaign invites customers and associates to donate their clothes and homeware at their local…………………., which will be used to support the families facing poverty in situations where they have very little or nothing to wear across the globe. The campaign also helps reduce environmental impact by keeping clothes in use for longer.

Our realisation is on The Trusted Save .

The Trusted Save is a foundation for life where we feel safe. As a global entity, The TrustedSave saves and transforms lives and act on issues facing global humanity, including: Animal Welfare, Climate Change, Emergency Relief, Equality & Human Rights, Food Aid Support, Learning Disabilities, Orphan Sponsorship, Poverty Support, Clean Water, Clothes Aids, Medical Aids and Turn violence into peace.