Supplier Code of Conduct


This Supplier Code and conduct helps to ensure that Supplier comply with legal requirements and standards of business conduct. All Suppliers are expected to uphold these standards in day-to-day
activities, comply with all applicable policies and procedures, and ensure that all Business Partner employees, agents and suppliers are aware of, understand and adhere to these standards.

Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination and Anti Harassment

As an international marketplace that is committed to the letter and spirit of equal opportunity in the workplace, The Trusted Commercial is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment and that provides equal opportunity with respect to all activities concerning its employees. In keeping with this commitment, The Trusted Commercial desires to only enter into Business Partner relationships with parties that similarly are committed to ensuring work environments that foster equal employment and that are free of discrimination and harassment. Suppliers, therefore, are required to prohibit harassment of any kind (including verbal, physical, visual, and sexual harassment) or discrimination, including harassment or discrimination on any of the following bases: race, religious creed, colour, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition (including genetic characteristics), marital status, sex, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other characteristics protected by law.

Conflicts of Interest
Suppliers must avoid engaging in any activity that would create an actual or
potential conflict of interest regarding their provision of products or services to The Trusted Commercial. You shouldn’t post or sell any products / Services which are prohibited or restricted by a local, state or federal law in every jurisdiction or country.

Below, there is listed certain categories of restricted or prohibited items. However, this listing is not complete; you, as being the seller, are solely responsible for ensuring that you are probably not posting a product that may be prohibited by law in almost any jurisdiction.

Prohibited items
These items may not be listed on The Trusted Commercial:

  • Pornographic or materials that are sexual in nature
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Embargoed goods prohibited in your country of origin
  • Firearms, weapons, and knives
  • Hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials
  • Items encouraging illegal activity
  • Lock-picking devices
  • Offensive material
  • Military and Police-related items
  • Prescription drugs
  • Prohibited services
  • Stolen property
  • Counterfeit currency and stamps
  • Counterfeit products
  • Gambling/ Lottery

Anti-Money Laundering
Suppliers must comply with all applicable international laws and
regulations pertaining to the detection, prevention, and reporting of potential
money laundering and terrorist financing activities

Suppliers must comply with all applicable international anti-corruption laws, and all other applicable laws that prohibit corruption, extortion, kickbacks, or bribery (or that prohibit the failure to prevent these acts). Suppliers must: never pay or receive bribes or provide other improper benefits to any person to obtain or retain business or secure a business advantage, promise or offer; must never authorize the payment of money or anything else of value to a government official, including employees of government-owned or government controlled entities, in order to obtain or retain business or secure a business advantage; and must maintain books and records that accurately reflect the true nature of transactions.

Compliance with Environmental Laws
Suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental laws and requirements,
including those relating to: the management and disposal of waste; monitoring and
reporting of air and water emissions; management of chemical storage and use; and
procurement of required licenses, permits, reports, and payments of fees.

Confidential Information
Suppliers must keep confidential all The Trusted Commercial proprietary and non-public information, including non-public personal information received from, processed on behalf of, or disclosed by The Trusted Commercial. Suppliers must take precautions to safeguard this information, including ensuring that Suppliers’ personnel are under appropriate confidentiality
obligations and adequately trained to safeguard confidential information

Data Privacy and Security
Suppliers must comply with all applicable data privacy and security laws and
regulations, including laws and regulations regarding the cross-border transfer of
personal information. Suppliers must maintain appropriate procedures, safeguards,
and controls to secure and protect the confidentiality integrity and availability of
confidential information, including personal information, received from, processed
on behalf of, or disclosed by The Trusted Commercial . Suppliers must promptly notify The Trusted Commercial of any suspected or actual compromise or risk of compromise to the confidentiality, integrity or availability of such confidential information. In addition, Suppliers must promptly notify The The Trusted Commercial of any complaints or requests received from individuals relating to personal information received from, processed on behalf of, or disclosed by The Trusted Commercial, in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations.
Notification can be made in accordance with the notification mechanism specified
in the relevant contract between the Supplier and The trusted Commercial

Competition and External Communications
The Trusted Commercial expects Suppliers to uphold fair business standards in advertising, sales and competition. Suppliers may not reference their relationship with The Trusted Commercial, such as through the use of The Trusted Commercial’s name, logo, trademarks, or services in any vendor
marketing, promotional items, social media or other communications of any
kind, whether written or verbal, without The Trusted Commercial’s prior written approval.

Approved advertising materials must be truthful and accurate, with clear and conspicuous
disclosure of material terms and limitation of advertised offers.
Suppliers must not make any public statement concerning The Trusted Commercial, its affiliates,
partners, suppliers and advisors, and any media inquiries received by Supplier
about any of these matters should be referred to The Trusted Commercial immediately

Intellectual Property,

Intellectual property Including Use of The Trusted Commercial’s Name and Brand Trademarks
Suppliers must not infringe, misappropriate or misuse intellectual property of The Trusted Commercial. Suppliers must obtain the express written consent or the applicable owner before using or disclosing The Trusted Commercial’s or another party’s intellectual property to third parties.
Suppliers permitted in writing to use The Trusted Commercial’s name and/or Brand Trademarks must adhere to applicable brand guidelines for using name and/or Brand Trademarks to help deliver a unified, consistent and quality brand experience, protecting and upholding reputation. Read more IP Policy